No Man’s Sky

So apparently there’s a new game called No Man’s Sky


To be honest, it seems pretty cool. It’s all about finding new planets, exploring them with friends and who knows what else…

One really great thing is that the game develops itself over time. Here’s what I mean: there are actually creatures in this game that even the creators of the game have never seen! That’s right. The game is programmed to spawn and create creatures that are entirely new based on the “planet” or galaxy you’re in.

You can even name the planets and creatures you find.

Now, I’ve given some very serious consideration into having a career in video game development because of this. Seriously. With gaming going in the direction that it is, it’s very alluring to seek out a career where you get to create things that grow on their own and offer an ever-expanding platform of entertainment and wonder to a large audience.

Up until this point in time, the only real work experience I’ve had was cleaning rugs and doing carpet cleaning work for my uncle Donny’s ac rockwall tx business.

And trust me, that’s not as fun as sitting behind a computer coding a new world full of magical self-creating creatures.

So, I say this to myself more than to you; get out there, make something of yourself, pursue your goals. If you want to be a game developer instead of a roofer or tree cutter, then do it. I know that I have some very real thinking to do, all thanks to No Man’s Sky 😉

Lol, but seriously, this game is awesome.



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New Game Mode

Alright, so here’s the deal.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new game mode on Black Ops III called Fractured. It’s pretty much my favorite game type right now.
Check out this video of Optic Scumpii trying it out for the first time:

My cousin, the one who works for the tree service corpus christi company turned me onto this game type. And it. is. epic.

So basically, you run around and collect different “data files” after killing the opponent. So it’s kind of like Kill Confirmed, except you have to drop off the data files at deposit points.

So much fun. Make sure to try it out today!

Contact me if you wanna know my gamertag.

Myself, I will definitely be on ALL NIGHT playing this game. Seriously.

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KD Ratios

Short article for you guys today.
I wanted to go over the subject of KD ratios, or kill/death ratios.

Many people in the gaming community think that this statistic is the end-all, be-all of gaming when it comes to how you rank up against other players.

The truth is that KD ratios aren’t as critical and relevant as some other stats are.

In many cases, win/loss ratios and even pro/am ratios can be just as relevant and telling of your skill as any other stat.

So make sure when you’re talking with your online bros and they start hounding on you for not having a 3.0 KD ratio, you can back yourself by knowing your win/loss ratio and a few other impressive stats.

Happy gaming!


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New Trick on Specialist

One thing that I have noticed recently in Black Ops III is the ability that some specialists have to combo up on their specialist weapon kill streaks.

For instance, with the Tempest weapon, you can actually kill multiple people with one shot.
Here’s how:

Whenever you shoot someone with a high-voltage bolt of lightening that comes out of the tempest, if there are other enemies in close proximity to that character you just shot, the lightening bolt will then jump from the already dead player to the nearest enemy!

If you go after enemies that are surrounded by more enemies, this is a great way to get double and triple kills, allowing you to get score streaks way faster than you normally would!


Happy gaming my friends!

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New Specialist in Black Ops III

So the good folks who created black ops three just came out with the crazy update this past week. And it involves the specialist classes.


When I first saw someone using this new specialist, I thought that there was an entirely new character, with new weapons, and the new abilities. However, that is not the case.


I actually got the legitimate Intel from Optic Scumpii’s YouTube video he put out last week.


As it turns out. The new specialist is actually a character that can use the other abilities that the original eight specialists have. If you have this new specialist, which is named Rogue, you are able to utilize other specialist abilities that you see being used by other characters.


One ability that this new specialist character has is called a blackjack. This ability allows you to use another characters specialist ability at random. You can even hit the left arrow on the D-pad to re-draw a specialist ability if the one you get to be first time around does not suit you.


The other rogue ability is called gambler. This ability also gives you a random specialist ability that you can use after getting 6 kills. So, every 6 kills you are given a new random specialist ability that you can use to go slaughter your opponents.


When I was watching Optic Scumpii use this new rogue specialist ability the other night on YouTube, he was tearing it up and getting a new and different specialist ability about every 30 seconds.


This is such a great ability to use if you are someone who likes to go for a high KD ratio and get lots and lots of specialist kills.


So next time you’re playing black ops three remember to check out the weekly mercenary contracts and see how far you are away from getting this new rogue specialist ability.
Here’s th e YouTube video I mentioned wear Scumpii is tearing it up. Thanks and keep checking back for more articles!


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Anchoring in Hard Point

Another Call of Duty themed post for today!

In case you haven’t figured it out, this is the game I’ll be talking about in 90% of my posts here on this website.

Anchoring in Hard Point

Hardpoints in Solar

So this topic is one that will take you all the way to Black Ops I or Black Ops II when the concept of “anchoring” in Hard Point really became a big deal.

In case you’re not familiar with the Hard Point game type, let me get you up to speed.

In Hard Point, two teams are battling over a specific area of the map. If Team A can capture and hold the area, or the “hard point”, without Team B being inside the boundaries of the hard point, then that team gains 1 point per second.

The goal of the game is for your team to secure 250 points before the other team does.

However, one of the facets to this game type that makes it so unique and strategically challenging is that the hard point moves to a different area on the map, or “rotates”, every 60 seconds.

Because of this rotation that happens periodically throughout the game, it is important for the teams to “rotate and anchor” to setup for the next “hill”, or hard point.

You see, in Call of Duty, and in re-spawn games in particular (game modes that allow you do re-spawn back into the game after you die), where you spawn back in is actually critical to your success. If you are always spawning in on the opposite side of the map as your competitor, this could be a disadvantage if your competitors are at the hard point, and you are spawning in far away, allowing the opponent to rack up points without you contesting the hill.

Here’s a video where a YouTuber by the name of Duuck shows us how it’s done:

As you can see, anchoring for your team allows you and your team to spawn back into the desired part of the map, the area that is closest to the current hard point.

If you can always be spawning back into the map in an area close to the hard point, then you can get back into the hill within a few seconds and continue to rack up points in the hill and dominate your competitors.

Please let me know if you enjoy these posts on CoD strategy!

Here are a few other topics I’m planning on writing on in the future:

  • DLC Map Packs –  to buy or not to buy?
  • Infinite Warfare – the new CoD title coming in November
  • Scuf Gaming controllers – should you get your hands on one?
  • Is Nadeshot making his way back into competitive gaming?

Let me know what you want to read about!

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Gaming as a Profession?

One of the more taboo subjects in the gaming world is whether or not you should pursue your crazy, lofty, parent-despised goal to become a professional gamer. All of us are used to seeing people like Nadeshot, Matt Haag, who has earned millions of dollars playing for Optic Gaming and posting CoD videos on his YouTube channel.

Check out his very popular video in which he goes into detail about his story and how he rose to success in the gaming world.

But is this a good goal for you and me? The everyday, amateur to amateur-professional gamer?

Well, my answer is that it depends.

How good are you really?

And I don’t want you or your best friend’s opinion. I want proof. Evidence. I want to see your name on a first place trophy.

You see, success leaves clues. It leaves a trail. And most of the time the trail is obvious and pretty each to pick up on.

Are you consistently winning GB match-ups? Are you crushing literally every competitive lobby that you get into? If you’ve been playing a certain game for a while now you should have a good gauge on how you stack up to the competition and whether or not you’d be able to hold your own on a stage like MLG Anaheim that just happened a couple weeks ago.

Once again, success leaves clues. Are you constantly being told by your peers or teammates that you’re worthy of going pro? Maybe it’s time to reach out to a few big name companies that offer player sponsorships such as Turtle Beach, Astro Gaming or Scuf. Who knows, maybe you can connect with someone who would be willing to send you a couple free controllers and let you test-ride being a part of their sponsorship team.

I would recommend developing some pretty bad-A demo reels and highlight clips to show people that you reach out to. Set up a YouTube account and begin to update it regularly and relentlessly with high quality content that includes footage from your gameplays and maybe even some of your personal reviews on new games, professional players, tournament outcomes and CoD maps.

There is much you can do to inch your way closer and closer to becoming a pro gamer.

However, you want to be real with yourself.

You see, I have a cousin who wanted to become a professional gamer. He tried tirelessly for a couple years to get noticed by several different sponsors, but wasn’t able to make a dent. He didn’t keep a carefully-planned out YouTube channel updated and he wasn’t trying to network with any other players or business connections in the gaming world.

He had to choose a different path to go down.

He’s a hard worker and ended up starting his own tree service business (you can check out his site if you want to, he’d love your business if you’re in his area) and he’s been making a good living from that in the past few months. He has learned that even though gaming was a passion of his, he needed to make the hard decision of getting a day job, or starting his own tree company, in order to survive.

Myself, I am not a professional gamer. Although I’d love to be, I also know that I can’t rely on that passion to pay the bills.

I may be able to hit a 3-piece in Search and Destroy to win the map in a dramatic fashion, leaving the lobby with their jaws on the floor – but unfortunately that’s not going to keep the electricity on in my apartment :/

The bottom line? Make sure that if you are planning to take a shot at becoming a professional gamer, that you are true to yourself and know when to throw in the towel.

Be willing to work relentlessly and if success isn’t “leaving clues”, then be ok with picking up a day job to help pay the bills.

Best of luck to all of you and happy gaming!

MLG Anaheim Insanity

About a week ago MLG hosted its annual MLG Anaheim competition. As always, some of the biggest names in e-sports were there. Xbox and PS4 teams alike showed up to see if they could compete against the best.

Some of the most popular teams were there such as Optic Gaming, Faze Clan, Elevate, Complexity, Rise Nation and others.

MLG Anaheim is definitely on of the biggest stages in competitive Call of Duty, and the stakes were extremely high.

Check out this awesome highlight video that I found featuring some of the amazing plays from the last days of the tournament.

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About Me

Hey guys, my name’s Jeremy. I’m hoping that you’ve found this website easily either from social media or because I’ve told you about it in person. Thanks for checking it out. I’m hoping to keep it updated with quality content about many different Xbox 360 games, but mostly Call of Duty.

My main objective with this site is to dive into many games that were very prevalent during the Xbox 360 era that are also doing well today. However, as I mentioned before, I’ll mostly be discussing Call of Duty.

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